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Blackjack has always been one of the most popular casino games played by millions of players in casinos all over the world. There’s probably not a single person on this planet, that hasn’t at least heard of it, especially nowadays when pretty much everybody can play Blackjack online from their computer, tablet or even Smartphone. We probably wouldn’t make an overstatement by saying that this game ranks first among all casino games all casino games.

But what exactly makes Blackjack so attractive to casino players? Probably the fact that it leads players to make strategic decisions about their further actions while playing, as opposed to the majority of the casino games which rely solely on luck.

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We have to admit that this sort of bets-focused games are pretty exciting themselves. However, Blackjack not only doesn’t take the excitement away from the betting, but also gives some additional involvement of strategy thinking and decision making, thus increasing the fever during the game.

So, depending on how well you perform while playing, you can do great in the game of Blackjack and therefore see better results. This makes players look to improve their Blackjack skills which, in fact, is not so hard to do. All the best Blackjack sites offer tutorials and even free bonuses to give you time to acquire some skills and improve your game before you start betting your own money.

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Do you want to learn more about other great casino games?Even though most of the casino players love to play Blackjack online and this is their favourite game, it doesn’t mean that they would totally ignore other possibilities. So, if you want to learn more about other popular games and the bonuses you can get while playing them, you can see the list of games on the right.

How to Play Blackjack – the Basics of the Game

We always encourage our readers to play responsibly and to get to know their games well, before they start betting real money. The same is true for Blackjack and so if you’ve never played this great casino game or if you haven’t played it for a while, make sure to read the next paragraphs carefully.

The game of Blackjack has quite a bit of variations, but there are rules that apply to all of them. For example, in all games of Blackjack players try to achieve a card count of 21 or as close as they can get to 21 without going over. If they go over, that is called ‘going bust’ or ‘busting’, in which case the hand is over for them and they lose the bet amount. If neither the player, nor the dealer, whom we play against and represents the casino, goes bust, the higher hand wins. The card count follows these rules:

After hands are dealt, players have the options to ‘hit’ (get another card), ‘stand’ (in which case their turn ends), ‘double’ (which double the wager and gives the player one more card) and in some cases ‘surrender’ (player retires from the hand and gives up half a bet). In certain situations the players are allowed to ‘split’ their hand and this way play with two. Some version of Blackjack offers a side bet, called ‘insurance’, when the dealer’s card that’s facing up is an ace. Another time of side bet is the ‘Dealer Match’, in which case the player wins if his cards match the dealers up card.

Given all these options, players obviously have some decisions to make, when they are dealt their hand and exactly that is the beauty of Blackjack – it’s not only a game of luck.

As for the dealers, they play according to certain rules and don’t have the ability to choose their actions, nor to double, split or surrender. In most Blackjack games dealers hit until they reach a number equal or higher than 17, after which they stand. If the 17 is made of an ace and a six, this is called ‘soft 17′ and usually the dealer has to stand, but in some variations of the game they are allowed to hit, which increases the house’s edge of winning. This is why we would advise you to choose to play Blackjack games in which the dealer stands even when the 17 is soft and overall to read the specific rules of the Blackjack variation you’ve chosen before you start playing, as they sometimes vary according to the casino and the software provider.

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If Blackjack is your favourite game or you just like to have it in your game selection, then you can do no wrong by choosing any casino. But if you want to take advantage of the best bonus opportunities and play in a safe and secure environment, then we would strongly advise you to choose only the best-known and well-affirmed casinos all of which you can find in our website.

And even though every single casino online offers classic Blackjack, you should be aware that that’s not the case with the other Blackjack games. So if you’re favourite game is Blackjack Switch or Blackjack Surrender, then you should definitely check if the casino you intend to play in offers it in its game selection.

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