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Keno has been around for many centuries. It originated in China and was so popular that according to a legend the proceeds from the original version of the keno game helped build the Great Wall of China. It was brought to the West by immigrants coming over to the U.S. to help construct the transcontinental railway, where the name was changed to its modern variant.

A keno game is somewhat similar to bingo but it’s much faster paced and more exciting. Players select up to 20 numbers in some keno games, but generally anything from 1 to 10, from the 80 number board. Then numbers are drawn and the more numbers you match, the bigger prize you win.

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Given that it’s nowhere near as popular as some other online games, such as slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, and even baccarat, many online players have not bothered trying keno online. It’s definitely a fun game to play and if you have a taste for adventure, you should definitely give it a try.

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Want More Casino Games?Although Keno casino games can keep you stranded for hours on end, it is fair to say that not all players find it as exhilarating as others. While certain players prefer the roulette, others find blackjack much more worth playing. So, if you are into a different kind of games, check out all the other exciting games that we offer and choose the one that suits you best.

How to Play Keno Online?

Want to learn how to play keno online? No worries, we will teach you! Not entirely unlike roulette in the sense that you guess at possible outcomes and get paid off based upon how good your selections were, keno casino games are more like roulette on steroids as the game draws multiple numbers at once, making the action much quicker and the adrenaline rush greater.

Another similarity is between keno online and bingo, as you have a card somewhat like the bingo card, but again all the numbers are drawn at once: boom, instead of the very slow pace of bingo where it takes quite a while to determine the outcome. Moreover, in the case of keno games, you get to pick your numbers and not simply be stuck with the ones that happen to be on your bingo card.

The game shares a lot of characteristics with lotteries and, in fact, that is probably the closest game to it. You pick numbers, they do a draw, and you win various amounts of money depending on how many of your numbers come up. Some keno games even pay out when you miss all of them, according to the odds of your doing that.

Playing Keno Casino Games Online

In land-based casinos, they often use balls like the ones you would see in traditional lottery draws. Keno online uses computer-generated draws only, and the random number generator software is the same that is used in all other online casino games, so as long as you’re playing at a reputable online casino, you can always rest assured that all draws will be completely fair and random.

Like lotteries, good online operators go through an independent review of their software to ensure it not only generates the randomness required, but that it always pays out according to the payout schedule of the particular casino.

One thing about online draws is that, unlike any other online games, the results aren’t directly connected to the outcome, as is the case with online slot games, for instance, where how often a certain combination comes up really matters.

So there isn’t anything to be cheated on anyway, and, in fact, if online keno draws were skewed towards certain numbers, players could take advantage of this and beat them out of all their money, so you can bet that online gaming clubs take great care to make sure these draws are truly random, with an equal chance of any of the 80 numbers coming up.

Online Keno Casino Experience

Keno Casino Games OnlineImagine the fun you can have if you can play your own personal lottery right from home any time you want, and play as much as you want, at light speed, in fact. This is really what the game online version is all about. The next draw isn’t at some point in the future, it’s any time you want it to be.

You pick the numbers and decide how many they’d be, which sets the payout that you’ll get for hitting various amounts. Shoot for more of a sure thing, go for a mega payout, or anything in between. It’s all up to you, as this lottery isn’t just set up for you, but you design it for yourself as well, just to your liking.

So it’s not hard to see why so many players who have taken the time to try out the online variant, simply love it. If you’ve never played itbefore, all our top online websites allow you to try it out for free and get the hang of it before you put real money on the line.

It’s very easy to learn though, and in minutes you’ll be playing with real money and experiencing all of the fun that an online keno game has to offer. The free keno games, which you can play online, is great as a learning tool, but it’s far less fun to win play money though, so you’ll want to move on to the real thing right away.

So whether or not you’ve played keno online before, feel free to check out the top websites we have recommended and see how much fun it can be!

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