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Wheel of Fortune

If you have ever watched the TV game show Wheel Of Fortune, as many of us have, then you already have an idea of how much fun it is. The show itself has enjoyed a lot of popularity over the years, first airing on TV all the way back in 1975, and continuing to this day. When you manage to get people watching a show for almost 40 years never getting tired of it, and moreover not only a few people but millions of them, then you may be sure that you have a game, which just offers a whole lot of fun.

The fact that so many of us would readily spend an hour just watching other people play the game goes to show how entertaining the game really is. Instead you can play the game yourself and make all the decisions along the way. This surely takes the fun to a whole new level.

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What makes Wheel of Fortune online so unique is that it can put you in the contestants’ shoes, spinning the big wheel, choosing letters, buying vowels and solving puzzles. Even if you’re not familiar at all with the TV game, you will catch up with it very quickly and soon come to realize why this is one of the world’s most popular and entertaining games.

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How to Play Wheel of Fortune?

Fans of the TV show will need no instructions at all on how to play Wheel of Fortune online, but not everyone has watched it, or perhaps you haven’t seen it for a number of years and may have forgotten exactly how the game works. Below, I am about to sketch the most important highlights of the game briefly, so that all might get into it and ready for the fun.

The purpose of the game is to win money by spinning the wheel, having it land on spaces which pay money for correct guesses and then ultimately, solve the puzzle. Since it all starts with the puzzle itself, we are going to talk about it first.

If you are playing solo, then you are in control of the entire game, and will be the only one spinning the wheel. In a regular Wheel of Fortune game play, the game ends when one player solves the puzzle, but if you’re playing by yourself, you are given a limited amount of spins for that, so that there is an element of challenge to your game experience.

The puzzle is placed upon the board, with spaces for letters, and you are also given a category where the puzzle word belongs, to help you along, such as person, place, thing, etc. Some of the categories might seem a little odd but once you learn what these mean as you play the game, those clues can be even more helpful.

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With the multi player version, or with versions where you can select computer opponents, all the players take turns spinning the wheel. The wheel has various amounts of money written on its spaces, along with some other messages, such as bankrupt and lose a turn.

Wheel of Fortune OnlineProvided that you do hit a money amount with your spin, you can select a consonant and receive that amount in your account multiplied by the number of times your letter shows up in the puzzle word or expression. You can also buy a vowel to help you either guess more consonants or solve the entire puzzle.

If your letter appears, you get to spin again. If your guess does not appear in the puzzle, then the turn passes on to the next player. Regardless of how much money your account holds, you only win it if you are successful in solving the puzzle, so it often pays to spend part of it on vowels to help you guess it.

Once you solve the puzzle, there is a bonus round that you go to where you can win even more money. There are no spins with this one, as you are given the opportunity to guess some letters, and then you can see if your letters actually feature in the puzzle, so you can make an attempt to solve it. If you make it, you win.

The Wheel of Fortune Experience

Even brand new online players, who play Wheel of Fortune for the first time get the hang of it in no time at all. Then it just comes down to how good a player you are, both in terms of guessing puzzles and game strategy.

Wheel of Fortune online really does take this very popular TV game to a whole new level, and allows you to experience the entertainment of playing this game yourself rather than just being a spectator. All you need to do is visit one of our top online casinos and get ready to have loads of fun playing this great game!

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